Observing Kurapia's coverage, appearance and adaptability at UC South Coast Research and Extension Center in Irvine, California at  7601 Irvine Boulevard, Irvine, CA 92618, USA (South Coast REC)  Sept 27, 2014 Jan 29, 2015 After 124 da...
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Green Exchange Rebate Programs by Water Agencies are generally available to both residential and businesses (industrial, commercial, institutional) including large landscape accounts, offering around a $2.00(*1) per square foot incentive for lawn/turfgrass replacement. The programs' goal is to reduc...
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California Drought Spurs New Look at "Cash for Grass" Programs.TURF REMOVAL PROGRAMTURF BUY BACK PROGRAMCASH FOR GRASS PROGRAMLAWN TO GARDEN REBATE PROGRAMWATER-SMART LANDSCAPE PROGRAMIt's called by different names by local Water Agencies but it all towards to serve same objective. It's a progr...
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City of Pittsburg Project

01.22.2015 | Category, Case Study


Progress Updates on Kurapia Plug Planting for the City of Pittsburg, California 6/26/20014 48 days from planting 8/5/2014 88 days after planting 1/21/2015 8 months after planting ...
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MOCA in Novato, CA Project

01.21.2015 | Category, Case Study


ARTS CENTER Museum of Contemporary Art The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Novato, California, US. The 1,700 square feet museum is housed within Marin County's Novato Art Center in Building 500, once the Headquarters of the now defunct Hamilton Air Force Base Kurapia is maintai...
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Showing Evergreen

01.20.2015 | Category, Case Study, Kurapia News


Kurapia is maintaining evergreen at Delta Bluegrass Showcase Garden in Stockton, CA in January winter season...
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01.05.2015 | Category, News

Click here to visit for more detail information. Rebate program Outdoors in gardens and landscapes Sprinkler controllers, high-efficiency nozzles, soil moisture sensors, rain barrels, and turfgrass removal....
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