The CCUH is currently involved in researching the performance of Kurapia (Phyla nodiflora), a new low-water groundcover developed in Japan. It was developed for drought conditions and is tolerant of different soils and a range of temperatures. It grows quickly to establish ground cover but is ...
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02.12.2015 | Category, Convention, Seminar

Friday, March 13th ~ 9:00 - 10:30 AM Educational Program  The LA Design & Development Expo (LA Expo) will host  20 CEU approved seminars along with a growing list of special events and open sessions.  Kurapia - Water Efficient Groundcover Friday, March 13th ...
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MARCH 12TH & 13TH Standard Seminar Rates Expire 3/6/15! EXPRESS Register Today! Standard Rates Expire 3/6/15 Click Here to register for the EXPO and select seminars. ...
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