Mark meets Director of ADWR Lisa Williams, Manager, Planning & Data management Thomas Buschatzke, Director, Arizona Department of Water Resources Mark Ohde, President, Kurapia, Inc. (from left to right)...
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The Kurapia got planted though it may not look like it. They had healthy roots and new shoots will get going with the watering. No flooding but just keep the surface moist, especially with the high temps this week. PRE herbicides were applied and when plants are up, will apply some POST. T...
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Booth# 414 Kurapia booth was assisted by Tom, Nancy and Ricky from Florasource and Marcos, Tom and Nayeli from EcoTech. ...
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03.11.2015 | Category, Kurapia News


Torrance, California Mark left to Japan on Feb 6 and returned today on March 10. A pot of Kurapia was left over the patio with no irrigation for 32 days. Though we had some rainy and cloudy days during the period, Kurapia looks well and healthy. ...
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Dr. Cole Thompson's Turfgrass Management class helping to plant Kurapia herbicide study at Cal Poly SLO. Preliminary Trial at UC Riverside All photo cred...
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kurapia completes a drought tolerant evaluation study. UC Davis and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources jointly performed irrigation trials of Kurapia, a utility ground cover for a 2 year evaluation period between 2012 - 2014. The study was conducted by investigators K...
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