Kurapia by House2home

09.28.2015 | Category, Case Study


Executive Care Inc Landscape Management Sacramento, California This month I have something to share that is very new: Not a new type of lawn but a new lawn alternative.  It is a low growing, evergreen, drought-tolerant groundcover. For some of us, this is great news. For othe...
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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California Research at UC Riverside provides answers to your questions about turf and landscape water conservation. Thursday, September 17, 2015 7:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. UC Riverside Turfgrass Field Station Turfgrass Rese...
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A feature story on Delta Bluegrass on the SUNSET blog.  We’re researching other turf alternatives, too, like Kurapia (Phyla nodiflora), from Japan. Kurapia has strong creeping ability but stays just 1 to 3 inches in height. Once established, it needs 60% less water than trad...
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Go watch the recorded video from Kurapia on KCAL 9 News!  Check Nick Federoff's blog at ThingsGreen on Kurapia behind screen. LOW WATER GROUND COVERMore information about Kurapia, visit Kurapia.com SoCal Water$mart Residential Rebates...
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Kurapia Lawn Substitute by Enviroscape LA

09.04.2015 | Category, News

As California battles with the historic drought, many seek ways to find lawn substitutes which require very small amounts of water and look like grass. Kurapia is a ground cover from Japan which spreads rapidly and needs very little water. A huge bonus...It stays small, so no need for a gard...
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Kurapia Showcase Landscapes

09.03.2015 | Category, Media

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54 Minutes Youtube Video Kurapia presenters: Tom Hawkins - Florasource Ltd., Mark Ohde - Kurapia Inc., Tom Skelton - EcoTech Services, Inc. (from left to right)  ...
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A new Kurapia Drought Angel Campaign Logo received a high traffic to the booth. ...
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