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Company & Mission

Kurapia Inc. is a creator and holder of important patents for drought-tolerant groundcover plants and our exclusive turf alternative, KURAPIA (koo-ra-pia).

We are dedicated to the art and science of eco-friendly plants for people who love to be surrounded by lush greenery while maintaining a fully sustainable lifestyle, even under severe drought conditions.

Don’t give up the green. Kurapia helps you and the Earth.


Herbicide Tolerance Testing


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and UC Riverside have conducted herbicide testing on both newly planted and mature Kurapia with fifteen different products. The study showed Kurapia to tolerate at least three herbicides, with an intermediate tolerance for another seven products. The information provided is for educational purposes only. The user assumes all risks and liability for herbicide use. Always read and follow the label of any product you use.

Reduced Irrigation Trials

UC DAVIS, 2012 - 2014

Various controlled plots of established Kurapia were irrigated at four different deficit levels: 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% of ETo (reference evapotranspiration rate of tall fescue grass). Measurements were taken to monitor plant growth indexes and qualitative ratings were given to each plot on a monthly basis for foliage appearance, flowering, pest tolerance, disease resistance, vigor and overall appearance. Kurapia's performance across the board for each irrigation level was excellent. The study therefore concludes and recommends that once established Kurapia should be irrigated at 20% - 40% of ETo.

Evaluation Under Drought & Extreme Deficit Irrigation


Various plots of warm and cool-season turfgrasses were monitored alongside Kurapia at the UCR Turfgrass Research Facility while under deficit irrigation (40% ETo). Monthly color and quality ratings were taken for each plot. Kurapia was among the best performing species along with Kikuyu and Buffalo grass.

Irrigation Management & Plant Water Demand for Kurapia


This study measured leaf thickness as a proxy for plant water demand and showed that the timing and quantity of irrigation plays a vital role in the water-use efficiency of Kurapia. Under optimum irrigation, Kurapia proved to decrease water use by as much as 40%. Results of this study raise interesting questions about how the physiological responses of plants to water availability could be used as feedback to determine precise irrigation applications in order to increase conservation as much as possible.

Unique Geotechnical Properties of Kurapia


This research showed that Kurapia provides excellent soil stability and is therefore an ideal candidate for erosion control. After two months of growth, Kurapia was found to have an excellent distribution of root diameters at various depths. Kurapia's thick mat-like structure of roots creates superb geo-textile conditions for slope stability.

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