2017 Turfgrass and Landscape Research Field Day Report

09.30.2017 | Category, News

The research conducted on September 14th by the University of California Riverside aimed to learn the following information about Kurapia:

  1. Identifying the appropriate herbicides to get rid of Sedge Weed (the common name for Cyperaceae) that is in Kurapia already in use.
  2. Identifying the appropriate herbicides to get rid of turf grass that may emerge again upon replacing turf grass with Kurapia.
  3. Identifying potentially harmful herbicides (such as "Roundup for Lawns", "Weed-B-Gon") that homeowners may purchase at garden centers.

Kurapia was tested once it was fully established, as the results may have been different for newly planted Kurapia.


The results were favorable. Herbicides specializing in removing Sedge Weed, including "Sedgehammer+", "Certainty", and "Monument", prolonged the amount of time it took flowers to bloom, but caused no damage to Kurapia overall. "Grass Getter" and "Fusilade II", which are grass herbicides, caused no harm to Kurapia. A number of Commercial Herbicides accessible for homeowners (“Roundup for Lawns”, “Weed-B-Gon”) were actually harmful to Kurapia in the recommended amounts.  It is possible, however, to reduce the damage dealt to a point where the Kurapia can recover in a short period of time.  This can be done by diluting the chemical with water to half concentrate.

It is important to note that the Kurapia must be at least 2 inches thick when you spray “Roundup for Lawns”, “Weed-B-Gon” to aim minimum damage to Kurapia. If Kurapia is mowed down too thin, the herbicides may cause severe damage.

These common homeowner herbicides contain chemicals that eliminate "Broadleaf Weed", which Kurapia belongs to, leading to inevitable harm of some degree.

We will continue to conduct research on how long it takes Kurapia to recover from any damage.

The entire study is available here.

DSC00759edited 3-3edited
RoundUp for Lawns
6.4 oz/M
24-3edited 21-3edited
Grass Getter + MSO
0.6 oz/M + 0.25% v/v
Monument + NIS
10 g/A + 0.25% v/v
18-3edited 15-3edited
Certainty + NIS
0.75 oz/A + 0.25% v/v
5-3edited 27-3edited
Weed Killer
0.5 x

Fusilade II + NIS
24 oz/A + 0.25% v/v