Holmby Westwood POA Recommends Kurapia to Residents

11.05.2016 | Category, News

An article written by the Holmby-Westwood Property Owners’ Association (“HWPOA”) – an association serving 1100 homes within the City of Los Angeles – cautions against replacing lawns with artificial grass after conducting a thorough study.

Due to the unknown long term environmental impacts of artificial grass, including inability to support wildlife, significant increase in surface and air temperatures, as well as controversial health risks due to off-gassing and run-off of toxic chemicals, the association encourages its residents to consider other options first.

As an alternative to artificial grass, HWPOA recommends Kurapia as a drought tolerant alternative among their list of groundcovers.

Read the full article by Susan Reuben, Vice President of HWPOA here: http://www.holmbywestwoodpoa.org