Kurapia in Arizona Golf Course

07.25.2017 | Category, News

A golf ball just coming off the tee from a golfer in swing.

Kurapia has been planted at a golf course in Scottsdale, AZ as a performance test. Below is a photo taken five months after a golfer took a few swings at the test area. There has been no irrigation since then, with rainwater being the only source of water, yet the turf has maintained its green color...
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Kurapia has been recently evaluated as promising for its characteristics of low water use and salinity tolerance. This gained the attention of the University of Arizona. Arizona's desert climate makes it difficult to maintain standard turf, therefore they seek to plant a low maintenance turf. The Un...
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Mark meets Director of ADWR Lisa Williams, Manager, Planning & Data management Thomas Buschatzke, Director, Arizona Department of Water Resources Mark Ohde, President, Kurapia, Inc. (from left to right)...
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The Kurapia got planted though it may not look like it. They had healthy roots and new shoots will get going with the watering. No flooding but just keep the surface moist, especially with the high temps this week. PRE herbicides were applied and when plants are up, will apply some POST. T...
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