Kurapia Videos

03.14.2018 | Category, News


  Below are some videos of highlights on the usage of Kurapia.   Kurapia The Worlds Greatest Ground Cover - Dog Approved Overview of Kurapia focusing on water usage and durability from presence of canine.     Kurapia Lawn for Los Angeles | Enviroscape LA Intr...
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The Desert Water Agency is a not-for-profit government agency based in Palm Springs, CA that manages groundwater in the western Coachella Valley, and serves approximately 106,000 people. As a part of their outdoor water saving tips, the Desert Water Agency recommends low water use groundcovers su...
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Bakersfield Home & Garden Show

12.20.2016 | Category, News


Kurapia will be exhibiting at booth # 517 at the upcoming Bakersfield Home & Garden Show on February 17 – 19, 2017! Kurapia is well suited for the climate in the San Joaquin Valley where summers are hot and rain is sparse during the winter. Even with exposure under the hot sun, minimal wate...
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This new burger location in Rancho Cucamonga, California was constructed in September 2016, and features Kurapia sod. Winter temperature has dropped to as low as 50°F, but the Kurapia has retained its rich green color and some of its flowers are still visibly in bloom. The shaded areas beneath the...
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Holmby Westwood POA Recommends Kurapia to Residents

An article written by the Holmby-Westwood Property Owners’ Association (“HWPOA”) – an association serving 1100 homes within the City of Los Angeles – cautions against replacing lawns with artificial grass after conducting a thorough study. Due to the unknown long term environmental impa...
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