The City of Long Beach planted Kurapia sod at the Cesar Chavez Park on the 27th of last month, in recognition of its low maintenance and low water usage. Kurapia should remain undisturbed for approximately a month so it can root. Once Kurapia roots firmly to the ground, anyone can sit or step on th...
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Now is the best time to see Kurapia flowers, which have been planted around the San Bernardino City Council building in January of this year after it was recognized to be of low maintenance and low water usage. They are tough enough to survive despite the heavy traffic. (Please see photo of the corn...
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Meet Kurapia at Earth Day Workshop

04.21.2017 | Category, News


This weekend, the Community Environmental Council will host one of Santa Barbara's largest environmental events. The Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival will take place at Alameda Park on April 22nd & 23rd and Kurapia will be operating at booth #313, located next to the green car show. There is no ...
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