The CCUH is currently involved in researching the performance of Kurapia (Phyla nodiflora), a new low-water groundcover developed in Japan. It was developed for drought conditions and is tolerant of different soils and a range of temperatures. It grows quickly to establish ground cover but is ...
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UC Reseachers

10.24.2014 | Category, Kurapia News

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How low water can our landscapes go? Kurapia is a great option where you need a groundcover that won’t get irrigated. I think it will be great in what they call ‘hell strips,’ ” Reid says. “That’s the area between the sidewalk and the street where it’s notoriously difficult to grow an...
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Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Fall Plant Sale FundraisersKurapia SalesFor the first time ever in the United States, customers can purchase a newly-developed, low-water use, rapid-establishment groundcover called Kurapia (Phyla nodiflora ‘Campagne Verde’). Develope...
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Bee on kurapia 2

Kurapia — a deep-rooted, low-water-use, low maintenance ground cover — will be for sale at Saturday's Friends of the Arboretum Plant Sale. Besides being low-water and low-maintenance, kurapia’s extensive root system makes it beneficial for reducing soil erosion and water runoff. It also g...
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