UC Riverside Field Day

09.15.2016 | Category, News


At the UC Riverside Field Day held on Sept. 15, 2016, Dr. Jim Baird, UC ANR CE Associate Specialist, Dept. of Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside, introduced Kurapia groundcover as a turf alternative and good option for severe drought conditions. Dr. Baird explained Kurapia’s characteristics, ...
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Dr. Cole Thompson's Turfgrass Management class helping to plant Kurapia herbicide study at Cal Poly SLO. Preliminary Trial at UC Riverside All photo cred...
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salinity test result @UCR

Kurapia was quick to establish when irrigatedwith 2 and 3 dS/m, and was also the best performer with irrigation water with an EC of 7 dS/m 7/21/2014 After a month and 3 weeks (52 days) 9/11/2014 ...
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09.11.2014 | Category, Convention


Turfgrass & Landscape Research Field Day Saline Irrigation Test Result Kurapia was a fast establisher when irrigated with 2 and 3 dS/m (81% and 88% respectively), and also was the best performer when irrigated with water EC of 7 dS/m. ...
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